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Liquid Handling Robotic Platform Solutions

Dynamic Devices is a premier provider of liquid handling robots and lab automation solutions to the life science industry. Dynamic Devices is an inventor company infused with a pioneering spirit. We research and integrate new technologies because innovation is the foundation for competitiveness and growth and thus, for our future success. We combine this functional chemistry with automation techniques, leading to a personalized solution that is emerging as the new standard in the lab.

Lynx Liquid Handling Robotic Platform implements revolutionary and award winning Volume Verified Pipetting (VVP) technology.  It is now possible to directly measure and report liquid entering and leaving the tip volumetrically; with the implementation of linear motor drives, motion control systems and vision scanning systems, it is now possible for a liquid handling platform to report every well or tube accessed and every volume transferred for full sample tracking verification and validation.

Our mission statement represents our willingness as an inventor company to help shape the life science industry and our determination to come up with innovations for our customer base, thus benefiting human health.
We place great importance on maintaining our values in our work. The leadership principles on which we assess our managers are therefore based on these values. Our organizational structure encourages individual responsibility and entrepreneurship. We support our employees in both their professional and their personal development, helping them to deploy their skills and creativity for their personal success and that of our business enterprise.
We focus on providing components, instruments, engineering design, total solutions and customer support to automate the life science laboratory environment. We care deeply about all of this; our work is never done.
Our contribution is to accelerate the gathering of biological information needed to increase the pace of discovery and to improve the productivity in heath care. We provide realistic solutions to our customers and have a value-added partnership with a product that fulfills niche market segments. Our customers remain the focus of our activities. We work with them in a spirit of partnership to create value for both sides.

The Lynx Liquid Handling Robotic Platform | with VVP Technology

A Liquid Handling Robot to Build YOUR Application

  • Multiple size platforms to fit YOUR application
  • Multiple pipetting tools to access single wells or entire plates
  • VVP – Volumetric transfer data reporting
  • VVP – Real time closed loop pipetting diagnostics
  • Linear motion drives to reduce calibration and service
  • Solid mandrel tip loading to eliminate tip loading wear parts
  • Standard syringe drive multichannel tools for economical solutions

Lynx Automated Liquid Handling Robotic Platform