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Large Volume / Liquid Biopsy Magnetic DNA Purification

Our 24VVP Pipetting Tool with 5mL tips process larger volume purifications in a plate format.

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Large Volume DNA Mag Bead Extraction
As automation simplifies DNA purification from larger volumes tax the volume ranges of most mainstream automation systems. Dynamic Devices introduces its 24 channel extraction tool with 5mL pipetting tips in conjunction with Click-Bio’s large volume extraction block technology.

24VVP – 24 Independent Volumes
The 24 VVP Pipetting Tool now allows high throughput DNA purification by having the ability to aspirate or dispense 24 different volumes using 5mL tips. With a Lynx LM1200, the 24 VVP Pipetting Tool and head microplate gripper tool hundreds of samples per run may be processed in a fully automated method.

Process 30-50mL Liquid Biopsy Samples
Combining this configuration with the Clickbio’s 12 well large volume extraction plates, 2 tips may process a sample simultaneously giving a 10mL working volume.

Summary of Features:

  • Runs 12 or 24 samples simultaneously
  • ClickBio block can be moved by gripper to shaker and mag plate as entire unit, no individual tubes
  • Processing block hold 30-50mL of liquid
  • Magnetic pin locator is active to concentrate beads towards bottom of rack for elution
  • Reads bar codes and reports every volume transfer
  • Liquid level detection and clog/clog detection with VVP technology
  • Delivers final elution in 96 SBS standard microplate

PhyNexus DNA Purification

PhyNexus DNA Purification Say goodbye to problematic plasmid preps with NEW

Lysate Direct PhyTip Columns for Plasmid DNA purification At last, a reliable solution for truly walk-away, fully automated plasmid DNA purification.

  • No filtration or centrifugation of lysate required
  • Consistent purification of up to 15µg plasmid DNA
  • Transfection-ready, endotoxin-free plasmid DNA
  • 96 at a time or 12 at a time
  • Fast and fully automated, easy-to-use system

phynexus tip dna purification gel 1

Figure 1. Agarose gel analysis of non-linearized plasmid (pCR4-TOPO) purified using Lysate Direct PhyTip columns. Purified samples were run on a 1% agarose gel, stained with ethidium bromide. Visible on gel are supercoiled (lower band) and open circular (upper band) forms of the plasmid. Lane 1 = Lambda DNA digested with HindIII (600ng). Lanes 2-11 = ten independent samples purified using Lysate Direct PhyTip columns. Same growth and purification conditions were used for each 4 mL of sample loaded.

Dynamic Devices – 1-96 parallel processing PhyTip column technology is a unique walk away bench-top separation process controlled with a high level of precision for life science researchers who prepare protein samples or plasmid DNA for analysis. By utilizing industry standard resins, it allows for the unattended parallel processing of a range of samples and volumes providing the highest flexibility in meeting the needs of a diversity of applications. Columns can be used to process sample volumes from 10 µL to 25 mL (sample volumes exceeding the tip column volume are processed as a series of fractions during the capture step).

The Dynamic Devices Oasis liquid handler is used with the 96 Channel 1000 µL Head to perform protein purifications using the PhyTip columns. The system can use either 10 µL, 200 µL or 1000 µL tips on the same head within the same run for pipetting large or small volumes. The drive system of the head makes it a perfect fit for the PhyTip application since the drive can aspirate and dispense at extremely slow speeds, from 2-5 µL/sec, giving the sample the capture time needed to expose it to the solid phase matrix in order for optimal binding and elution. With a small footprint of 24 inches, the Oasis LM600 has 18 positions for processing PhyTip columns. Deck layouts include:

  1. PhyTip 1000 µL Tips
  2. Standard 1000 µL Tips
  3. Deepwell Sample Plates
  4. Deepwell Elution Plates
  5. Column Prep Reagent Reservoir
  6. Deepwell Wash Buffer 1
  7. Deepwell Wash Buffer 2
  8. Elution Buffer Reservoir

Deepwell plates are used to prevent cross contamination between samples during washing protocols and a Setup Run method can transfer Wash Buffers 1 & 2 from a reservoir to the deepwells and then removed to make more room for to process the samples with the PhyTip columns. For more walk away time, our Oasis LM1200 offers 42 positions to process PhyTip columns. Combine the extra deck positions with 1-2 liter ‘fedder’ reservoirs to hold the wash buffers and triple the capacity. Additional configurations include dual 96 1000 µL Heads to process PhyTip simultaneously and gripper tools to move plates on and off the deck from storage containers and microplate readers, and a virtual ‘manufacturing line’ can be realized. Automated Liquid Handling Robot Configuration Lynx 96 1000/1250 µL Head PHYNEXUS and PHYTIP are registered trademarks of PhyNexus, Inc.

Qiagen QIAprep Nucleic Acid Purification

spe system front

Dynamic Devices Fully Automated High-throughput Nucleic Acid Purification System Using Qiagen’s QIAprep 8 and 96 Turbo BioRobot Procedure 42 QIAprep/TurboFilter Plate Capacity / 5 Hour Runtime / 600 samples per hour D2 Oasis Fully Automated HT SPE Vacuum System – Using this system comprising of an Oasis Liquid Handler with a 96 head, an HT internal gripper tool and a multiple vacuum manifolds, an assembly line process is implemented for high throughput DNA purification labs. The compact and flexible Oasis SPE Vacuum System is a fully integrated system to carry out solid phase extraction (SPE). The fully automated system works with 96 well format SPE separation plates that may take the place of the standard manual syringe type SPE formats.

  1. Optional refrigerated storage for sample pellet deepwell plate
  2. Re-suspend pellet with 96 head, add lyse and neutralize
  3. Add sample to Turbofilter using 96 head with contamination free disposable tips
  4. Vacuum sample through Turbofilter into QIAprep
  5. Move QIAprep to vac station with wash manifold, directly wash plate over vac manifold where excess liquid is drained to a waste container
  6. Optional mechanical blotting station to remove any hanging wash buffer droplets
  7. Multiple drying station manifolds for 30 minute drying time
  8. Move QIAprep plate over a clean vacuum position with a clean collection plate
  9. Add elution buffer directly with reagent dispenser over vac manifold
  10. Vacuum purified sample into collection plate
  11. Option refrigerated storage for final collection plate
  12. Optional rolling cabinet structure for vacuum controllers and waste storage and hood ventilation system, requires installed dedicated house wet vac system.

Each vacuum module is equipped with electronic vac sensor monitor and vac adjustment to give each module the ability to draw differential vacuum, more vacuum for the drying stations and less for the collection modules. The vac sensors also give the ability to monitor each station for a vacuum profile in case of a well blow-through or clog.

d2 vac system1

spe system deck

Agencourt AMPURE PCR

AgencourtT® AMPURE® Agencourt AMPure is a highly efficient PCR* purification system that delivers superior quality DNA. The Agencourt AMPure method utilizes Solid Phase Reversible Immobilization (SPRI®) magnetic bead-based technology which requires no centrifugation or filtration. Agencourt Bioscience Corporation, A Beckman Coulter Company     Dynamic Devices Oasis Fully Automated Mag Bead DNA Purification System – Using this liquid handling robot system comprising of an Oasis Liquid Handler with a 96 head, an HT internal gripper tool and a multiple magnetic manifolds, an assembly line process is implemented for high throughput DNA purification labs. PCR reaction Binding of PCR amplicons to magnetic beads Separation of PCR amplicons bound to magnetic beads from contaminants Washing ro pCR amplicons with Ethanol Elution of PCR amplicons from the magnetic particles Transfer away from the beads into a new plate For more information about the Agentcourt kit contact the link below: Agencourt AMPure XP    

Invitrogen Purelink Pro 96 DNA Kit

invitrogen 96 filter crop1

Dynamic Devices Liquid Handling Robot for Fully Automated High-throughput Nucleic Acid Purification System Using Invitrogen PureLink Pro 96 Genomic DNA Kit Whether it is purifying DNA or RNA, virtually any vacuum filtration method may automated using our standard Oasis liquid handling platform.

d2 vac system1
Dynamic Devices Vacuum Filtration Apparatus By dedicating vacuum positions for either washing or collection, we prefer to keep one section clean do process the collections into a microtube or microplate container. Collection containers may be specified by using different inserts to accommodate for the different collection heights since we always try to keep the filter collars located at the bottom of the filter directly in the collection wells to prevent any cross contamination during the process.

invirtogen plate1
In addition to our regulated and monitored wash vacuum boxes, we now offer an integrated reagent dispenser that can be located directly over the wash vacuum box in order to add the larger 1 ml wash volumes rapidly and avoid the use of a 96 head to reagent addition. Multiple wash buffers may be directly plumbed into the wash vacuum block and these reagents may be back flushed in order to preserve the reagents.

Please contact us for more information on the variety of other Invitrogen products that you can automate.