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Dynamic Devices

Dynamic Devices is an inventor company infused with a pioneering spirit. We research and integrate new technologies because innovation is the foundation for competitiveness and growth and thus, for our future success.

Dynamic Devices is a premier provider of liquid handling robots and lab automation solutions to the life science industry. We are a recognized leader in motion control, liquid handling, microarray nano technology, high speed rapid prototyping, and application development. With combinations of standard liquid handling platforms and custom integration services, we deliver complete customer solutions. For over a decade now, Dynamic Devices has been delivering solutions to a few select customers in the life science arena. With the success of this business model and growth in the laboratory automation field, Dynamic Devices continues to expand.

Having implemented the the newest motion control and liquid handling technologies, our latest platforms are the next standard for automation. From simple pipetting workstations to custom integrated systems, Dynamic Devices concentrates on reproducing human sample processing, assuring the same results, or better, than if done by hand. We combine this functional chemistry with automation techniques, leading to a personalized solution that is emerging as the new standard in the lab. We focus on automating your assays the way your lab needs them done.

Company Profile

Founded in the fall of 1999 as a result of the aggregation of engineers formerly from other integration and laboratory automation companies, Dynamic Devices combines diverse expertise with a long synergetic history, resulting in one of the most efficient and effective groups within the laboratory robotics field.  We work directly with industry scientists to customize automation equipment to their unique and precise research needs.

With expertise in liquid handling robotic platforms that combine electronics, software, and mechanical design, Dynamic Devices focuses on pioneering innovative solutions and personal services to the life science industry.  The company’s long history and combined experience in integration and integration services grants Dynamic Devices a unique insight into all aspects of the evolution of lab automation, from introducing the first commercial fully automated micro plate based screening system, to the company’s non-gripper µHTS conveyor-based platform.

Dynamic Devices designs each automated liquid handling robot system around a specific defined customer application(s), but the open environment of the system and the associated training provides the end user with a powerful and flexible automation tool upon which to expand. The automated system is typically delivered to the customer site fully integrated for the defined assay protocols, where an operator with minimal training can operate the system and define, and perhaps schedule & execute new applications.

Dynamic Devices remains a true independent integrator with no bias toward a particular instrument manufacturer. This allows us to truly apply the best instrumentation available for the specific application, as well as integrate existing devices or new technology, guaranteeing your investment into the future. Our extensive experience providing similar articulated automated systems for over 10 years allows us to provide systems that are built with components of proven performance and reliability.

The Innovators…

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Jeanmarc HaabResearch & Development
Jeanmarc’s two and a half decades of experience began in Switzerland and moved him to the US as founder of SciTec US to consult with Hewlett Packard (HP/Sagian/Beckman) on their startup of laboratory integrations, ORCA robot development, the first microplate sealers and the first microplate carousels.  With these developments at SciTec US, sold to Zymark in 1999 (Zymark/Caliper/Perkin Elmer) he also developed liquid handling platforms, like the Cyclone line of liquid handlers, along with a variety of OEM liquid handling platforms and it is this experience that drives us to implement the most advanced manufacturing and semiconductor level components into our Lynx liquid handling platform today.
Kelly KreitlowOperations & OEM
Kelly’s two and a half decades of experience starting as Tecan’s Genesis US Product & Integrations Manager then moving to join Jeanmarc as SciTec’s Head of Sales & Integration, he founded Dynamic Devices in 1999.  For the past decade and a half Kelly runs OEM sales and daily operations, where past developments like the OEM Tecan GenMate, their first 96 channel head, and many OEM successes, like the ArrayIt Microarray Platform, were the beginning of integrations with linear motors and motion control systems. It is this development based on new available technologies that gives Dynamic Devices the drive and motivation that allow all our newest products to outperform and outlast virtually every other liquid handler on the market.

Mission Statement / Quality & Values

Our mission statement represents our willingness as an inventor company to help shape the life science industry and our determination to come up with innovations for our customer base, thus benefiting human health.

Our Company
We place great importance on maintaining our values in our work. The leadership principles on which we assess our managers are therefore based on these values.  Our organizational structure encourages individual responsibility and entrepreneurship. We support our employees in both their professional and their personal development, helping them to deploy their skills and creativity for their personal success and that of our business enterprise.

Our Products
We focus on providing components, instruments, engineering design, total solutions and customer support to automate the life science laboratory environment.  We care deeply about all of this; our work is never done.

Our Customers
Our contribution is to accelerate the gathering of biological information needed to increase the pace of discovery and to improve the productivity in heath care. We provide realistic solutions to our customers and have a value-added partnership with a product that fulfills niche market segments.   Our customers remain the focus of our activities. We work with them in a spirit of partnership to create value for both sides.

Quality is the cornerstone of Dynamic Devices customer-focused values.  Our goal is to continually strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and to improve the quality of our products and processes.  By combining recurring engineering techniques, regulatory standards, and customer focused development programs, we maintain the highest quality of products and services for our customer base.

Our Commitment to Quality means:

  • Partnering with customers to understand specific needs
  • Ensure requirements to products and processes
  • Check implementation and quality maintenance through a products lifecycle
  • Continual communication with customer base

At Dynamic Devices, ‘good enough’ is not acceptable.  We all continually monitor and address any issues and take action to accomplish any re-engineering to make or products better and better every year.


Dynamic Devices employees and partners are the company’s heart and soul. Striving to succeed and passionate to achieve, we are confident in our ability to deliver results. We are ambitious, understanding and aggressively pursuing to be the best.  Above all, we find our work exciting and challenging; we are united by our common goals and rely on each other for our knowledge and specialties and in serving the company and our customers.  We prize dedication and commitment, and help each other and our customers.

Exceptional service, exceptional products… We delight in presenting premium technology and quality in all we offer. No matter how big the project, or how small the request; we strive for excellence in our response, for we relish perfection.

Professional. Reliable. Trustworthy. Honest. Our corporate integrity is a critical asset and we are committed to upholding it. We set high standards, and we abide by them as we practice business fairly and behave ethically. We share our expectations with each other and strive to maintain a workplace built on mutual values, trust and goodwill.

Ambitious and aggressive, driven and determined, enthusiastic and energetic, we cultivate the opportunity to compete. We thrive on challenges, viewing them as an opportunity to succeed.  As true team, we work together to routinely please our customers, surpass our record achievements, and drive our organization to greater success.

Company History

Over a decade of development…

2014 New Lynx Integration unit released, the LM730i
2014 Web site reconstruction for Lynx Platform
2014 New Method Manager 4.0 release with VVP implementation
2014 New Lynx SM Automation Tip Line released
2014 New Solid Mandrel (SM) tip attachment technology released
2013 OEM partnership implementing Fixed-8 VVP Pipetting Tool Arm
2013 New Fixed-8 VVP pipetting tool released
2013 New core 96 and 384 swappable block pipetting tool release
2013 New Z-drive implemented for on deck 384 tip loading
2013 SLAS Introduction of new Fixed-8 VVP Independent Volume Pipetting Arm
2013 New Lynx Liquid Handling Robotic Platform released
2012 First European Trade Show Attendance – MipTec Basel, Swtizerland
2012 New Warp 3 motion controller released
2012 SLAS New Product Award – 96 VVP Pipetting Tool Prototype
2011 OEM partnership implementing 384 SV Pipetting Tool
2011 PhyNexus Program support for purifications with PhyTip
2011 Implementation of new Absolute Encoded Robot Gripper
2011 Introduction of the 96 Volume Verified PIpetting (VVP) Head at LabAutomation 2011
2010 Web site development for direct and OEM sales
2010 Strategic Partnership with Seyonics on Flow Sensor Controlled Pipetting
2009 Implementation of latest motion control technology to microarrayer line
2009 New 1ml 96 SV Standard Volume syringe based pipetting tool release
2009 Hire direct biopharma and OEM VP of Sales and Marketing executive
2009 New Oasis CB 650 hood and lab bench top based pipettor released
2009 Development of ELISA incubator for Hamilton Robotics
2008 Development of 96 head wash station for Hamilton Robotics
2003 Custom Development of the OEM Matrix Maker for Emerald Biosystems distribution
2003 Oasis 96 liquid handling platform released to the market for direct sales
2002 OEM Partnership with ARRAYIT.COM to distribute microarrayer product line
2002 First high speed microarrayer sold in US
2002 Custom integration group for BioPharma applications started in Delaware
2001 TRx microplate management system released to the HTS marketplace for high speed hit picking
2000 Development of the OEM GenMate 96 Pipettor for Tecan distribution
2000 Warp 1 motion controller developed to handle lab automation platforms
1999 Dynamic Devices founded in Delaware

1998 Zymark Acquisition / Now Caliper, Inc.

  • Cyclone Liquid Handling Product Line
  • CLARA Software
  • Customer Base
  • Experienced Personnel
  • New Architecture & Approach
  • 1994 First custom microplate sealer developed

1992 Scitec US – Founded in US from Switzerland

  • Core Engineering Group
  • Service Company Only / Innovative Niche Solutions
  • Hewlett Packard (HP) Consulting for Life Science Business
  • HP Consulting of Orca Robot, First Microplate Carousel, First Microplate Sealer
  • Significant Customer Relationships

Customer Base and Market

Dynamic Devices supplies leading edge technology to the biotech, pharmaceutical, forensics and diagnostic industries. Our liquid handling robot pipetting platforms and integrated systems offer the latest technology in motion control and liquid handling including nanotechnology utilizing sub-microliter sample transfers specifically for microarrays / “bio-chips” and protein crystallography.

Biotech Customer

Our products help automate processes from the elucidation of the human genome to the genes that control the body’s chemical pathways.

Pharmaceutical Customer

Our products help automate the initial large library screens, secondary screening and pharmacokinetics necessary in bringing new drugs to trail.

Forensics Customer

Our products help automate the sample preparation of forensic samples from a variety of sample matrixes including swabs and tissue samples.

Diagnostics Customer

Our products empower our diagnostic partners to accurately and quickly carry out patient tests within the clinical labs, blood banks and hospitals.

In addition to these markets; government research, forensics, petrochemical, flavors and fragrances, plant science, cosmetics and veterinary science may all benefit from the automation and liquid handling technology.