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We develop arms and instruments with YOUR specifications.


Our technology implemented YOUR WAY.


Purify, analyze and normalize DNA in high throughput.


Purify protein samples using both syringe based and VVP pipetting tools.


Work with your cells in high throughput and sterile conditions.

Drug Discovery

High throughput compound dilutions are now offered in high throughput mode.


Scan 1D and 2D bar codes while recording EVERY volume transfer for chain-of-custody.

Dynamic Devices delivers complete solutions for many standard applications. With our long history in laboratory automation and integration, many different configured systems have been delivered to meet each lab’s requirement for throughput, walkaway time, sample load processing and capital investment. The automated system is typically delivered to the customer site fully integrated for the defined assay protocols, where an operator with minimal training can operate the system and define, and perhaps schedule & execute new applications.

Dynamic Devices remains a true independent integrator, with no bias toward a particular instrument manufacturer. This allows us to apply the best instrumentation available for specific applications, as well as integrate existing devices or new technology, guaranteeing your investment into the future. Our extensive experience in providing similar articulated automated systems over the past 15 years allows us to provide systems that are built with components of proven performance and reliability.