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Dynamic Devices is an automation company that grew out of the need of customers who required automated systems with specific requirements that were not being met by the mass-produced, automated platforms and components that were available on the market.  As a small and flexible company, with our staff of industry innovators we are able to specify, design, prototype and deliver state-of-the-art technology to the life science robotic field.  Using the latest technology from the semiconductor and manufacturing industry, we have designed custom OEM platforms and arms while integrating our knowledge into the new flexible Lynx Liquid Handling Robotic Platform available for direct sale.

While most of our work is OEM and thus hidden under other companies’ paint colors, we are now moving toward becoming a more mainstream direct supplier of liquid handling robotic platforms, with the recent release of the Lynx Liquid Handling Robotic Platform.  We combined linear drive movement and motion control technology from the manufacturing industry with MEMS flow sensors from the semiconductor industry.  The result is the Lynx Liquid Handling system with Volume Verified Pipetting (VVP).

Why do we integrate these technologies?  Our company leadership has been working in the life science automation field since its inception over two-and-a-half decades ago.  Inspired by the innovations in other fields, we felt we could bring vast improvements to the life science automation industry to:

  • Make a liquid handler that can pipet out of the box.
  • Make a liquid handler that does not need calibration of every liquid and every volume.
  • Make a liquid handler that assures the user that the liquid transfer took place correctly.
  • Make a liquid handler that does not have parts that wear out rapidly and need service every 3-6 months.
  • Make a liquid handler that does not lose position and have to be re-taught so often.
  • Make a liquid handler that allows the user to continue a method without re-initializing and restating if there is a crash.

These customer requests were always an issue for liquid handling systems, since the base level technology had not changed in the past two decades- motors turning belts and syringes pumping liquids.

Our team, with our 4th generation liquid handling platform, feels we have addressed most of the major setbacks that customers were initially unaware of until they had to start using a platform day in and day out.  How, you ask?  This section explains these new technologies and the issues they have solved.

The Innovators…

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Jeanmarc HaabResearch & Development
Jeanmarc’s two and a half decades of experience began in Switzerland and moved him to the US as founder of SciTec US to consult with Hewlett Packard (HP/Sagian/Beckman) on their startup of laboratory integrations, ORCA robot development, the first microplate sealers and the first microplate carousels.  With these developments at SciTec US, sold to Zymark in 1999 (Zymark/Caliper/Perkin Elmer) he also developed liquid handling platforms, like the Cyclone line of liquid handlers, along with a variety of OEM liquid handling platforms and it is this experience that drives us to implement the most advanced manufacturing and semiconductor level components into our Lynx liquid handling platform today.
Kelly KreitlowOperations & OEM
Kelly’s two and a half decades of experience starting as Tecan’s Genesis US Product & Integrations Manager then moving to join Jeanmarc as SciTec’s Head of Sales & Integration, he founded Dynamic Devices in 1999.  For the past decade and a half Kelly runs OEM sales and daily operations, where past developments like the OEM Tecan GenMate, their first 96 channel head, and many OEM successes, like the ArrayIt Microarray Platform, were the beginning of integrations with linear motors and motion control systems. It is this development based on new available technologies that gives Dynamic Devices the drive and motivation that allow all our newest products to outperform and outlast virtually every other liquid handler on the market.

SLAS – Society of Lab Automation & Screening


In 2012, Dynamic Devices introduced the first prototype of our 96 VVP pipetting tool with Volume Verified Pipetting technology. Since then, we have completely upgraded every system in our original Oasis line of liquid handlers by implementing the VVP tools into our newly released Lynx Liquid Handling Robotic Platform. Come see us at this year’s SLAS 2019 show!