Large Volume DNA Extraction Tool

Large Volume / Liquid Biopsy Magnetic DNA Purification

Our 24VVP Pipetting Tool with 5mL tips process larger volume purifications in a plate format.

24VVP Pipetting Tool

5mL Tips At Work

Head Gripper for Plate Based Extraction

ClickBio Extraction Block Technology

30mL Sample Volume

Active Magnetic Pin Locator

Large Volume DNA Mag Bead Extraction
As automation simplifies DNA purification from larger volumes tax the volume ranges of most mainstream automation systems. Dynamic Devices introduces its 24 channel extraction tool with 5mL pipetting tips in conjunction with Click-Bio’s large volume extraction block technology.

24VVP – 24 Independent Volumes
The 24 VVP Pipetting Tool now allows high throughput DNA purification by having the ability to aspirate or dispense 24 different volumes using 5mL tips. With a Lynx LM1200, the 24 VVP Pipetting Tool and head microplate gripper tool hundreds of samples per run may be processed in a fully automated method.

Process 30-50mL Liquid Biopsy Samples
Combining this configuration with the Clickbio’s 12 well large volume extraction plates, 2 tips may process a sample simultaneously giving a 10mL working volume.

Summary of Features:

  • Runs 12 or 24 samples simultaneously
  • ClickBio block can be moved by gripper to shaker and mag plate as entire unit, no individual tubes
  • Processing block hold 30-50mL of liquid
  • Magnetic pin locator is active to concentrate beads towards bottom of rack for elution
  • Reads bar codes and reports every volume transfer
  • Liquid level detection and clog/clog detection with VVP technology
  • Delivers final elution in 96 SBS standard microplate
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