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  • The Lynx LM platform sets a new standard in space efficiency and workflow flexibility.  4 different chassis sizes to choose from, all featuring:
    • compact Y-axis for pipetting access to more common positions
    • direct Z-drive systems for robust tip pick-up and ejection 
    • open architecture for superior deck layout flexibility and ease of loading
    • standard ANSI-compliant labware mounting system for simplified location of plates, tips and reservoirs
  • And no matter the size, all Lynx LM platforms use the Method Manager 4.0 instrument control software for user-friendly method programming and runtime control

LM1800 66 Microplate Positions

The LM1800 is the largest of our platforms for high capacity walk away times.

LM1800 1.8 Meters or 6 Feet Wide

Our latest deck size with 66 positions in a 6 foot wide footprint, the LM1800 is the most flexible high capacity deck in the market. Load up with tips, microplates and reservoirs and have the longest walk away time on a liquid handling platform.

LM1200 42 Microplate Positions

The LM1200 is our medium capacity workstation for fully automated workflows.

LM1200 1.2 Meters or 4 Feet Wide

With Dual Arm capability, available microplate gripper and vision scanning system the LM1200 with 42 positions in 4 foot width is best fit for most complete solution applications.

LM900 30 Microplate Positions

The LM900 is our most popular size unit for lower capacity workflows, offering 30 deck positions in only 3 feet of bench space.


Our smallest platform is ideal for many liquid handling applications, offering capacity while conserving precious bench space.

LM700 SV Tools - 9/12 Positions

The most compact of our liquid handling platforms, the LM700 offers a small footprint and uses exclusively our Standard Syringe Drive Pipetting Tools.


Our most economical pipetting tool implementing our Standard Volume syringe based pipetting tools in a small footprint 2 foot wide.

LM730i Integration Platform

Dual side access for external robot integration and full manual access, offering the 96/f8 VVP Pipetting Tools & 96/384 SV Standard syringe pipetting tools.

18 microplate positions and 96 VVP Pipetting Tool for integrations.

Integrate this unit or as a stand alone the small size offers precision and full VVP liquid handling capabilities.

Custom - OEM Size

The most flexible development platform implementing the latest technologies is now available in any custom format for OEM partnerships.

No longer are OEM solutions just a different paint color.

Integrate just a pipetting head, a fully functional arm or an entire liquid handling platform with your industrial design and color specifications.

LM1800 Dual Arm brighter exposure_KBK8871 floating

The Lynx LM1800 offers 1800 mm of X-axis travel while requiring only 72” of bench space. 60-66 microplate position capacity with pipetting access to 42 common positions in a dual arm system


The Lynx LM1200 offers 1200 mm of X-axis travel while requiring only 49” of bench space. 42 microplate position capacity with pipetting access up to 18 common positions depending on the arm configuration.

LM900 green lighted_KBK8986 floating copy

The Lynx LM900 offers 900 mm of X-axis travel while requiring only 36” of bench space. 30 microplate position capacity with pipetting access to 18 common positions for a dual arm system.



The Lynx LM700 offers 700 mm of X-axis travel while requiring only 27” of bench space. 9-12 microplate position capacity with pipetting access to all positions. Single arm system only. Largest tip size =300ul.