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    • The Lynx Liquid Handling Robotic Platform is designed to meet the current application needs of today’s life science laboratory. Volume Verified Pipetting (VVP) technology enables direct volumetric measurement of liquids entering and leaving each tip.  A final validation report confirms all pipetting steps were executed properly. 
    • No more liquid classes.  VVP technology eliminates the need to establish optimal pipetting parameters for each liquid type. Now, validated reports are the standard, with actual volumes recorded for each aspirate/dispense activity.  Reports are stored with other key tracking information (i.e. sample, tip and plate bar codes, reagent lot numbers).
    • Combine VVP technology with your choice of multiple deck sizes, Standard Volume (SV) syringe-based 96 & 384 pipetting tools, microplate gripper and vision scanning tools in virtually any combination to configure the ideal system for your application(s).

Volume Verified Pipetting

Real time pipetting diagnostics and volumetric transfer validation.

High Throughput 96 VVP

96 VVP offers 96 independent volumes with pipetting diagnostics in each tip.

Volumetric Data Reporting

Collect volumetric data at every step along the way, the ACTUAL volume is recorded.

Fixed-8 VVP

Now VVP is offered in an economical fixed spacing 8 tip for microplate format samples.

96 & 384 SV Syringe Tools

Standard syringe based multichannel tools for economical value and throughput.

Vision Scanning

Scan 1D and 2D bar codes while using custom vision inspection when required.

See what you need to see.

The most advanced scanning system in a liquid handling platform.

Deck Options: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Dynamic Devices does not limit you to one size. We prefer to give you options.

Deck Size & Capacity Options

    • The Lynx LM Series chassis names represent our full ‘Linear Motor’ and motion control technology design; series number indicates length of the workstation in millimeters: ‘LM1800’ = 1800mm (1.8 m)
    • 4 sizes of Lynx from which to choose, the LM1800, LM1200, LM900 & LM700/LM730i
    • The main factor in choosing a liquid handling robot’s size is the on-deck capacity, measured in the number of microplate positions that can be located on the deck at any one time. This number can help estimate of the amount of walkaway time a system may have to offer when executing a specific method or run.
    • The Lynx LM Series affords high-density on-deck capacity with access to 6 microplates deep within a single column.  This yields the following capacities for each platform size…
      • LM1800 – 66 microplate positions
      • LM1200 – 42 microplate positions
      • LM900 – 30 microplate positions
      • LM700/LM730i – 18  microplate positions

…giving customers the ability to build a robot around their specific throughput and capacity goals.


66 Position – 1.8 Meters / 6 Feet Wide – LM1800lm1800


18 Position – LM700 & LM730i Integration Frame



42 Position- 1.2 Meters / 4 Feet Wide – LM1200


900deckloaded30 Position- 0.9 Meters / 3 Feet Wide – LM900


Liquid Handling Options:

Dynamic Devices does not limit you to one liquid handling tool. We prefer to give you options.

VVP Pipetting Tool Options

Badge 96VVP - Liquid Handling Robot Arm CBadge

96 VVP Pipetting Tool

The Lynx Series Liquid Handling Robot’s 96/24 VVP head with Volume Verified Pipetting offers the first air-based 96/24 head with verified individual volumes in each channel. VVP implements closed loop real time feedback via in-line flow sensors that measure the exact volume of liquid being aspirated/dispensed in each tip. The ‘live’ volumetric measurement accommodates for liquid viscosity and temperature on-the-fly, eliminating the need for painstaking liquid class development.

f8 VVP Fixed Tip Pipetting Tool

  • Volumetric liquid transfers
  • Real time closed loop monitoring
  • Available in 96 VVP and Fixed-8 VVP Pipetting Tools
  • Different volumes in every tip
  • Volumetric data reporting for every transfer
  • Clear tips for individual well LLD – Liquid Level Detection
  • No liquid class pipetting parameters

24 VVP Fixed Tip Pipetting Tool

  • 5 mL Tips for large volume transfers
  • Volumetric liquid transfers
  • Real time closed loop monitoring
  • Different volumes in every tip
  • Volumetric data reporting for every transfer
  • Clear tips for individual well LLD – Liquid Level Detection
  • No liquid class pipetting parameters

SV Standard Volume Syringe Pipetting Tool Options

Traditional syringe based pipetting tools are an economical solution for basic pipetting applications that require high throughput. Our Standard Volume syringe-based heads are available in both 96 and 384 channel formats.

Badge 96SV - Liquid Handling Robot Arm CBadge

96 SV Pipetting Tool

Standard Syringe Pipetting Tools

The syringe-based pipetting tools have 96 or 384 syringe drives attached to a single piston drive to deliver the same volume to an entire plate. Our Standard Volume syringe-based heads are available in both 96 and 384 channel formats, interchanged manually within the SV Arm in minutes. Custom format CORE block inserts are also available for 24-well plates, 384 disposable tip CORE blocks in 96 format and special format loading blocks.

Badge 384SV - Liquid Handling Robot Arm CBadge

384 SV Pipetting Tool

  • All channels pipet the same volume
  • Economical high throughput 96 and 384 channel tools
  • Solid Mandrel tip loading with no rubber seals
  • Load columns or rows for dilution methods
  • Swappable heads between 96 and 384
  • Custom heads available

Microplate Transport

For fully automated workflows, the Lynx platform offers microplate gripping options for transporting microplates and other labware both on and off-deck.


Internal Gripper Tool is a high-end, complete 6-axis robot. with the versatility to handle both on-deck labware movements as well as off-deck transport to peripheral devices located outside the Lynx work deck. The Internal Gripper Tool complements any workflow, providing longer walkaway operation to completely finish a method frombeginning to end.

Head Gripper Tool is a cost-effective means for transporting microplates within the Lynx work deck

Vision Scanning

The Lynx Vision Scanner not only reads both 1D and 2D bar codes, but can also be programmed for custom vision inspection tasks such as confirmation of tip type, checking plate stack heights or if a cap mat was left on a plate before pipetting functions.

Head Gripper and Liquid Handler Vision Bar Code Scanning

Lynx Vision Scanner

Simplified Instrument Control

With Method Manager 4.0 (MM4), controlling your Lynx is made easy. MM4 provides a practical approach to method programming, pipetting diagnostics, importing worklist files and exporting pipetting data.

Dynamic Devices provides a setup that is truly quick and easy. Method Manager 4.0 offers you a direct and simplistic way to program your methods, import files for the VVP Pipetting Tools, export your pipetting data and turn on pipetting diagnostics with re-try options. Many software packages claim to have a quick setup, but leave you dealing with several ‘workarounds’ to manually manipulate wizards. Who wants to do that? We sure don’t.