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With the ever increasing regulatory requirements of the research, clinical and in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) industries, Dynamic Devices works side by side as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) with customers who may add value by adding on their chemistry test kits on our standard platforms or custom integrated systems.

Customers, acting as a value added reseller, may configure our products to exactly fit their application and corporate design. With our motion control system, we have never been locked into just painting our standard product a different color for OEM customers, we can fully implement each customers industrial design to form their ‘box’ structure and ‘skin’ the system in virtually any format the customer can imagine while still using our standard software to drive the system.

In our contract manufacturing business model, customers approach us with an application or design. We then help configure a system and quote the parts based on processes, labor, tooling, and material costs. Once a system prototype is delivered, customers may run the chemistries for proof of concept and to fine tune their assays. Once the chemistries are running reliably, we may then ‘lock down’ the configuration and finished the required regulatory documentation for the platform. At this point, customers may start the required FDA validation work of Premarket Notification (PMN) or 510(k).

A FEW EXAMPLES OF OUR OEM PROJECTS: (Due to confidentially, many OEM projects are not displayed)

NanoPrint™ Protein Edition Microarray Printers


NanoPrint™ Protein Edition Microarray Printers

NanoPrint™ Protein microarrayers are enterprise level linear drive systems that provide universal platforms for research and diagnostic microarray manufacturing. Systems are now available with 192 Style Pins and Printheads.

NanoPrint™ Protein Microarrayers are industrial-level platforms for all microarray manufacturing applications, including DNA microarrays, protein microarrays, and other types of biomolecules. NanoPrint™ Protein systems enable the manufacture of microarrays utilizing ArrayIt®192, Professional, 946 and Stealth Style Micro Spotting Pins. The NanoPrint™ Protein uses superior linear drive motion control technology and proprietary Warp1 controllers, and is compatible with all standard microarray surfaces made by ArrayIt® and other glass substrate slide open platform vendors. Systems are easily configured to print onto different types of surfaces including 96-well plates, plate-sized glass, and proprietary cartridges and cassettes by taking advantage of flexible and modular deck configurations and an easy to use software interface. The Microarray Manager Software combines unparalleled power and simplicity in a graphical user interface. Click here for a NanoPrint™ Protein Microarray Manager Software tutorial.

Software features include:

  • A Method Creation Wizard
  • User & version control management
  • Custom calibration of the slide and microplate positions
  • Complete sample tracking
  • Support of input and output data files
  • Custom microarray designs
  • Customizable speed profiles and wash protocols
  • Automatic Method Validation
  • Runtime sample and spotting views as well as a Simulation Mode
  • Easy to use graphical Re-Print Wizard

The high speed, high precision linear servo control system of the NanoPrint™ Protein produces superior instrument performance that is essentially free of friction, noise and thermal emission. Combined with the compact bench top design, user configurable worktable, humidity and particulate control, a host of available options, and the flexible and sophisticated software, NanoPrint™ Protein systems offer the complete solution to high performance microarray printing.

NanoPrint Protein Options:

  • 48 or 192 Maximum Pin Configurations
  • Anti-vibration table
  • Peltier-driven microplate cooling
  • Microplate printing worktables
  • Custom worktables for proprietary printing cassettes and cartridges
  • Worktable conveyor
  • Microplate stackers with lid removal and barcode reader
  • Dehumidification
  • Extended service warranty

The value of the linear servo motor technology used on NanoPrint™ Protein Microarrayers:

  • Nanometer scale positional accuracy
  • Quiet operation
  • No vibration
  • No heat generation
  • No motor dust
  • Superior accuracy
  • Near maintenance-free operation
  • High speed
  • High load capacity
  • Zero “sagging” with loss of power
  • Safer and much more durable than stepper motors


Arrayit (ARYC) leads and empowers the genetic, research, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic communities through the discovery, development and manufacture of proprietary life science technologies and consumables for disease prevention, treatment and cure.

OEM Emerald Biosystems Matrix Maker™

matrixmaker lg px600

OEM Emerald Biosystems Matrix Maker

Matrix Maker™

The Matrix Maker™ system is a formulation preparation engine for high-throughput crystallography and formulations labs. Using Crystal Miner™ software, it solves the crystallization screen formulation bottleneck by allowing researchers to design and produce any desired reagent kit from up to 60 individual chemical stock solutions.

The system is a unique combination of 30 precision syringe pumps, each with 9-position valve heads, innovative plumbing and a high-resolution gantry. It can accurately deliver chemical stock solutions under sterile conditions to any plasticware well or tube position.

The patented design allows the Matrix Maker to handle highly viscous solutions with excellent dispensing accuracy. All of the stock solutions are dispensed by positive pressure displacement, a design which eliminates aspiration problems and costly tip waste. From start to finish, the robot can produce a formulation matrix of 96 different cocktails in 35 minutes or less.


Dispenses a 96-formulation matrix from up to 60 different liquids (any combination into any well)

  • Fast processing time: < 35 min for 96 cocktails
  • Use any liquid: aqueous, organic, viscous and low surface tension liquids of varied pH
  • Dispense into any container format (tubes, bottles, SBS-blocks, crystallization plates)
  • High accuracy (2% CV) dispensation, even with highly viscous solutions
  • Software and database support for formulation design
  • Enables systematic variation of components and testing of more formulation variations
  • Built-in stock volume tracking


  • Easy wizard-based or drag-and-drop creation of new screens
  • Quick optimization of hits and recipe calculation for optimization of crystallization screens
  • Starter database includes complete formulation definitions for all commercially available crystal growth matrices
  • Data storage in SQL Server database
  • Fully networkable, individual user accounts and logins and user group designations
  • Crystal Miner™ crystallization LIMS for complete crystallization project management
  • Annotate and store all information relevant to protein crystallization trials
  • Seamless integration with the Crystal Monitor™

Workstation to capture images of crystallization experiments

Operation through user-friendly GUI

OEM Tecan GenMate Multi-Channel Head MCH


The Tecan Genmate

The GenMate is a plate to plate transfer tool to be used as either a stand-alone device, a companion to the Tecan Genesis Workstation, or a module within an integrated system. The GenMate can serve the Genesis Workstation from either the left or right side, offering access for both the LiHa arm as well as the RoMa arm of Genesis Workstation.

The GenMate is designed to perform high-speed, high precision liquid transfers among 96 or 384 well micro plates. It is available with a 9-position worktable. The worktable can be configured for 96 or 384-well microplates, deep-well microplates, reagent reservoirs, wash stations, or disposable pipette tips.

The GenMate is designed to perform high-speed, high precision liquid transfers among 96 or 384 well micro plates. It is available with a 9-position worktable. The worktable can be configured for 96 or 384-well microplates, deep-well microplates, reagent reservoirs, wash stations, or disposable pipette tips.

Note: This product is discontinued.  For additional aftermarket support, contact Dynamic Devices from our SUPPORT page.