VVP 96 Different Volumes 2014-10-21T02:39:00+00:00

Project Description

With VVPs independent monitoring and control of each channel, in 96 format tool, different volumes may be aspirated and dispensed. Since the 96 VVP Pipetting Tool operates by actually measuring the liquid entering the tip volumetrically, 96 different liquids of varying viscosity and physical properties may be aspirated and dispensed without the use of any pre calibration or liquid class development. The real time closed loop VVP sensors actually measure the flow rate of the liquid entering the tip over time and as the accumulation of volume is monitored, the valve will remain open allowing the sample to ‘flow’ into the tip. When the target volume is reached, the valve closes and there actual volume is reported in a real time graphic window.

This gives each VVP tool the ability to run applications in high throughput mode with full pipetting diagnostics.