Independent-8 VVP Spreadable Tip Pipetting Tool 2014-10-21T02:37:29+00:00

Project Description

COMING IN 2015: The Air-driven i8 VVP Spreadable Tip Arm with integrated flow sensor is perfectly suited for liquid handling in sub-microliter to milliliter volumes.

The i8 VVP Spreadable Tip Arm operates with a pressure/vacuum source for aspiration/dispense pressure. An integrated high level i8 motion controller, from our Warp2 Motion Controller line, speeds communication between the pressure source, pipetting unit and arm mechanism to allow an efficient and rapid feedback to confirm valid volume transfers.

The Lynx Series Liquid Handling Robot’s new i8 VVP Spreadable Tip Tool with Volume Verified Pipetting offers the first air based spreadable tip arm with verified individual volumes  in each channel.  Our VVP implements real-time liquid handling feedback through the use of in-line flow sensors that exactly measure the volume of liquid being aspirated/dispensed in the tip.  The actual volumetric measurement accommodates for liquid viscosity and temperature on the fly reducing the painstaking development time of liquid classes.