Lynx Solid Mandrel Tip Loading 2014-10-21T02:40:47+00:00

Project Description

Dynamic Devices offers a CLEAR disposable tips for use with the Lynx Liquid Handling Robotic Platform. The Lynx uses a new SM, Solid Mandrel, tip load system with solid stainless steel tip adapters eliminating any service/wear parts, like O-rings. With the sturdy frame design of the Lynx, SM tip loading across the entire deck is realized. Therefore, we now deliver tips in their own stand alone SBS microplate footprint automation LYNX BLUE box to fit in any microplate locator on our decks eliminating dedicated racks that continually need to swapped out for each method.

With the implementation of our award winning Volume Verified Pipetting (VVP) technology it is now possible to liquid level sense with clear tips in our 96 VVP Head and i8 Independent Spreadable Tip Arm. With 1250, 1000, 300, 200, new 50 and 10 uL size robotic disposable tips, it is now possible to optimize and record every liquid aspirate/dispense liquid transfer.

With the Lynx SM (Solid Mandrel) tip attachment technology, it is possible to share the same tips across every 96 channel or 8 tip pipetting head that we offer. Whether the 96 VVP Head, our 96 Standard Heads (LV/SV/HV) or our f8 Fixed-8 VVP 8 Tip Arm; the same CLEAR disposable tips are used.

No longer is it necessary for ploy-carbonate black tips to detect liquid levels in tubes or plates. It is now possible to detect liquid levels in both tubes and plates using CLEAR tips and our VVP technology. By using our VVP flow sensors, we can lightly expel air until the flow stops by hitting the liquid meniscus. Bubbles and foam are now accommodated for by the increased flow rate of the air over an actual liquid meniscus, no more false liquid levels.