VVP On-The-Fly Pipetting Correction 2014-10-21T02:43:53+00:00

Project Description

One of the most sought after functionalities in liquid handling robotics is the ability to run individual channels within a high throughput head like the 96 VVP Pipetting Tool.

Now, when a channel within a multichannel head encounters an real time error, the aspiration is immediately stopped for just the erred channel while the reset of the samples are aspirated correctly. The head may then rise above the liquid levels but still within the well to prevent any cross contamination and clear the erred channel and dip the head again into the samples to re-try the aspiration to correct for the error on-the-fly. The system even analyzes the well definition and can alter the position slightly in the well as to not try re-aspiration on top of a clot.