Fixed-8 VVP Pipetting Tool

VVP Liquid Level Detections

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The VVP technology also allows for LLD, Liquid Level Detection, in each channel for both the 96 and Fixed-8 Pipetting Tools.  The system will create a flow rate of air and when the flow rate hits a solid meniscus, not sensing bubble, the system will record the volume of liquid below the tip. This happens [...]

VVP 8 Different Volumes



With VVPs independent monitoring and control of each channel, in our Fixed-8 format tool, different volumes may be aspirated and dispensed. Since the Fixed-8 VVP Pipetting Tool operates by actually measuring the liquid entering the tip volumetrically, 8 different liquids of varying viscosity and physical properties may be aspirated and dispensed without the use of any pre [...]

VVP Full Pipetting Diagnostics

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With VVP's sensor controlled pipetting a real time analysis of the flow rate of the liquids entering and leaving the tip is possible. Now, full pipetting diagnostics have been implemented in the software as easy click on/off commands giving the system the ability to not only half pipetting of a single channel while the [...]

Fixed-8 VVP Pipetting Tool



The Lynx Series Liquid Handling Robot’s Fixed-8 (f8) VVP head with Volume Verified Pipetting offers the first air based fixed spacing 8 channel tool with verified individual volumes  in each channel.  Our VVP implements real-time liquid handling feedback through the use of in-line flow sensors that exactly measure the volume of liquid being aspirated/dispensed in the [...]

Volume Verified Pipetting

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The Lynx Liquid Handling Robot's High Precision 96 & f8 VVP independent volume pipetting tools allow the accurate and rapid transfer of samples from a 96, 384 or 1536 well microplates. This VVP flow sensor technology allows our 96 and fixed-8 channel heads, to monitor and control each channel to verify volumetrically each liquid transfer, in addition to, having [...]