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Lynx Linear Motion Technology

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The main advantage of any linear motor is that it totally eliminates the need, cost and limitations of mechanical rotation-to-translation mechanisms such as racks and pinions or belts and pulley, sources of elasticity and backlash. This way the complexity of the mechanical system is drastically reduced. High Speeds: The maximum speed of a linear motor [...]

Your Assays, Your Way

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Dynamic Devices delivers complete solutions for many standard applications. With their long history in laboratory automation and integration, many different configurated systems have been delivered to meet each lab's requirement for throughput, walk away time, sample load processing and capital investment. The automated system is typically delivered to the customer site fully integrated for the [...]

Our Team

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Dynamic Devices is an automation company that grew out of the need of customers who required automated systems with specific requirements that were not being meet by mass produced automated platforms and components available on the market.  As a small and flexible company and our staff of industry innovators, we are able to specify, design, prototype and deliver [...]