Lynx Platform Technologies

Lynx Linear Motion Technology

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The main advantage of any linear motor is that it totally eliminates the need, cost and limitations of mechanical rotation-to-translation mechanisms such as racks and pinions or belts and pulley, sources of elasticity and backlash. This way the complexity of the mechanical system is drastically reduced. High Speeds: The maximum speed of a linear motor [...]

Lynx Motion Control Technology



The Warp3 Servo System is a state-of-the-art motion control package that was designed primarily for the OEM instrument developer with reliability, modularity and flexibility in mind. The integrated package provides full & flexible control of both rotary and linear brushless motors for any motion control application. The system also includes extensive I/O capabilities for the [...]

Lynx Solid Mandrel Tip Loading

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Dynamic Devices offers a CLEAR disposable tips for use with the Lynx Liquid Handling Robotic Platform. The Lynx uses a new SM, Solid Mandrel, tip load system with solid stainless steel tip adapters eliminating any service/wear parts, like O-rings. With the sturdy frame design of the Lynx, SM tip loading across the entire deck is [...]