Volume Verified Pipetting

VVP Full Pipetting Diagnostics

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With VVP's sensor controlled pipetting a real time analysis of the flow rate of the liquids entering and leaving the tip is possible. Now, full pipetting diagnostics have been implemented in the software as easy click on/off commands giving the system the ability to not only half pipetting of a single channel while the [...]

VVP Real Time Transfer Validation

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Our #1 priority is your samples.  With verified volume transfers, a closed loop real-time sensor controlled environment, we believe the Lynx Liquid Handling Robotic Platform is the most advance automated system. With the ability to transfer each sample according to its own physical properties, VVP eliminates the need to tedious liquid classes. With Volume [...]

VVP Data Reported Volumes

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The LYNX liquid handling platform has integrated volume reporting capabilities. With every aspiration and dispense, volumetric data is collected and can be saved out and reported in multiple formats. Here is a quick example of a target volume of 200L of the 96VVP Pipetting Tool.  The Fixed-8 Pipetting Tools allows for the same data out [...]

VVP 96 Different Volumes

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With VVPs independent monitoring and control of each channel, in 96 format tool, different volumes may be aspirated and dispensed. Since the 96 VVP Pipetting Tool operates by actually measuring the liquid entering the tip volumetrically, 96 different liquids of varying viscosity and physical properties may be aspirated and dispensed without the use of any [...]

Independent-8 VVP Spreadable Tip Pipetting Tool



COMING IN 2015: The Air-driven i8 VVP Spreadable Tip Arm with integrated flow sensor is perfectly suited for liquid handling in sub-microliter to milliliter volumes. The i8 VVP Spreadable Tip Arm operates with a pressure/vacuum source for aspiration/dispense pressure. An integrated high level i8 motion controller, from our Warp2 Motion Controller line, speeds communication between [...]