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The Lynx platform’s high precision 96 & 384 SV Standard Volume syringe based pipetting tools allow the accurate and rapid transfer of samples from a 96, 384 or 1536 well microplates. Our proprietary syringe based pipetting technology offers an economical means to transfer uniform volumes across an entire 96, 384 or 1536 well plate.

  • Syringe based pipetting tools
  • Same volume in each channel
  • 96 & 384 core inserts are interchangeable in the arm
  • SM – Solid Mandrel tip loading technology
  • Economical solution to many liquid handling applications
  • Single tip, row & column tip pick up
  • Custom insets available

With the ability to have multiple 96 and 384 heads, even multiples of the same head, increased throughput without the increased cost of another platform makes the Lynx one of the most flexible and configurable liquid handling robotic workstations in today’s market.  

96 SV Standard Volume

96SV Arm 700ul blue front view nice shot_KBK9192 crop2

96 Syringe Based Pipetting

Our 96 SV Pipetting Tool allows the transfer of entire 96 well plates to either 96, 384 or even 1536 well plates. In this syringe design, the same volumes are transferred in every channel and there are options for Low and High volume configurations with the dual mandrel design.  This is the most economical head for high throughput liquid handling.

Solid Mandrel Dual shot w tips nice_KBK9051 crop2IMG_4160 - Version 2

384 SV Standard Volume

384SV Arm full veiw w logo_KBK8890 crop2

384 Syringe Based Pipetting

With the high loading forces required to load 384 well tips, the Lynx is specifically engineered to load tips from any position no the deck.  There are no loading areas, or tip crushers, required in any position, just place the 384 tip box down in a microplate locator and run your method with the flexibility you expect in a liquid handler.

384SV head w tips awsome shot_KBK8897IMG_4150

96 & 384 SV Pipetting Tools Tip Loading Flexibility

lynx liquid handling robot 384 channel head 1536 well accuracy px300

1536 well accuracy

This 384 Channel Pipetting Head is driven by semiconductor level linear motors assuring complete accuracy with no drift over time from other systems comprising of belts, gears and wear parts.  Having positional encoders built into each axis, the Lynx LM Linear Motor series allows the best positional accuracy for any liquid handling robot in todays market.  Even with head offsets for variable row tip attachment, the LM series hits even the most difficult microplates.

Load rows or columns of tips directly from the box

This 96 & 384 SV Pipetting Tools also have the ability to load rows or columns from multiple places across the deck.  Using the head offset, the 96 & 384 channel head may pick up a single tip, single row or a column of tips directly out of a box without affecting head leveling.

Configure with a 384 adapter to a 96 channel head

The 384 Channel Pipetting Tool has the ability to be swapped with a 96 channel tool using 384 channel format tip adapters.  This ability gives the user opportunity to reformat a library from an initial 96 well format to 384 well format and then swap the head for the standard 384 channel head for higher throughput for 384 plate replication or 1536 well consolidation.  This also allows 384 style tips to be used increasing the tips per position 4 fold over a 96 tip box.

96 SV Specifications

Volume range / Aspirate/Dispense:  0.5 µL to 1250 µL

96 SV Precision

1 to 5 µL   < 5 %CV

6 to 50 µL   < 2 % CV

51 to 1000   < 2 %CV

96 SV Accuracy

1 to 5 µL   < 5 %
6 to 50 µL   < 2 %
51 to 1000   < 2 %CV

96 Tip Size Options

Low Volume 10 & 20 µL

Medium Volume 200 & 300 µL

Large Volume 1000 & 1250 µL

384 SV Specifications

Volume range / Aspirate/Dispense:  0.25 µL to 70 µL

384 SV Precision

1 to 5 µL   < 5 %CV

6 to 70 µL   < 1 % CV

384 SV Accuracy

1 to 5 µL   < 8 %
6 to 70 µL   < 2 %

384 Tip Size Options

30 & 70 µL
96 pipetting data baed on 300 µL tip with water and dye solution
384 pipetting data based on 70 µL tip with dye and water