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The Lynx platform’s 96 VVP, 24 VVP, & fixed- 8 (f8) VVP independent volume pipetting tools allow for fast and accurate liquid transfers from 24, 96, 384 or 1536 microplates and other labware.

Award-winning VVP flow sensor technology (bullet these…)

  • executes fast, high precision volumetric liquid transfers
  • provides ‘live’ monitoring and control of each channel to verify volumetrically all pipetting steps
  • allows for different aspirate and dispense volumes in each channel
  • employs novel liquid level detection for each channel
  • offers full pipetting data tracking and liquid diagnostics with error recovery for each channel

The Lynx Liquid Handler also features SM (Solid Mandrel) tip loading technology, allowing for robust attachment of single tips, rows or columns of tips.  SM technology avoids the use of high-wear parts (i.e. O-ring seals) that need continual service replacement, saving significant costs over instrument life-time.

VVP Pipetting Tool Options

The LYNX liquid handling platform

96 VVP Pipetting Tool

With the 96 VVP Pipetting Tool, 96 different volumes of 96 different liquids may be transferred…without the need to calibrate each liquid for its own liquid class. Now accomplish applications like DNA normalization and compounds dissolution on an entire plate in a single dispense. In addition, full pipetting diagnostics in every tip means complex and challenged samples can be handled with confidence, with on-the-fly clot/clog detection and error recovery options.

24 VVP Pipetting Tool

Our new 24 VVP Pipetting Tool uses 5mL disposable tips for variable ‘large volume’ transfers. Now accomplish applications like liquid biopsy DNA magnetic bead purification on an entire plate in a single dispense. By implementing the ClickBio extraction blocks, ‘plate processing’ of these larger format sample matrixes is now possible.

Fixed 8 (f8) VVP Pipetting Tool

Transfer 8 different volumes of liquid with verified volume reporting.  For samples within microplate format, now transfer easily with our fixed-8 tip tool by elevating the spreading and independent Z axis capability, multiple axis control is reduced leading to a highly functional VVP pipetting tool with complete independent volume control and VVP pipetting diagnostics at an economical value.

VVP Liquid Handling Advantages


Large Volume Liquid Biopsy DNA Extraction

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VVP On-The-Fly Pipetting Correction

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VVP Award Winning Technology

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In 2012 Dynamic Devices embarked on a venture to implement the latest sensor controller pipetting technology and showed the 96 VVP Pipetting Tool prototype at the SLAS 2012 show. With 96 monitored and validated volumes, [...]


VVP Liquid Level Detections

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The VVP technology also allows for LLD, Liquid Level Detection, in each channel for both the 96 and Fixed-8 Pipetting Tools.  The system will create a flow rate of air and when the flow rate [...]


VVP 8 Different Volumes


With VVPs independent monitoring and control of each channel, in our Fixed-8 format tool, different volumes may be aspirated and dispensed. Since the Fixed-8 VVP Pipetting Tool operates by actually measuring the liquid entering the tip volumetrically, [...]


Lynx Linear Motion Technology

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Lynx Motion Control Technology


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Lynx Solid Mandrel Tip Loading

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Dynamic Devices offers a CLEAR disposable tips for use with the Lynx Liquid Handling Robotic Platform. The Lynx uses a new SM, Solid Mandrel, tip load system with solid stainless steel tip adapters eliminating any [...]


VVP Full Pipetting Diagnostics

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VVP Real Time Transfer Validation

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Our #1 priority is your samples.  With verified volume transfers, a closed loop real-time sensor controlled environment, we believe the Lynx Liquid Handling Robotic Platform is the most advance automated system. With the ability [...]


VVP Data Reported Volumes

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The LYNX liquid handling platform has integrated volume reporting capabilities. With every aspiration and dispense, volumetric data is collected and can be saved out and reported in multiple formats. Here is a quick example of [...]


VVP 96 Different Volumes

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With VVPs independent monitoring and control of each channel, in 96 format tool, different volumes may be aspirated and dispensed. Since the 96 VVP Pipetting Tool operates by actually measuring the liquid entering the tip [...]